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Welcome to Pop's Attic Memories

In the "Attic" you can find hundreds of baseball cards from the early 1900's through the present day. Legends, stars, and rookies are all part of Pop's collection and he will continually be adding to the offerings. He is also including a section for those "woo pig sooie" fans in the hills of Arkansas.

As a young boy in the late 1940's, he was an avid fan and player. He was bitten by the collecting bug when pulling his first card from a loaf of Tip Top bread. The card of Cubs great, Andy Pafko, is still in his collection and Pafko has remained his all-time favorite player.

Though he still buys and sells cards, he has gotten to the age that it is time to offer the vast majority of his collection to other, young enthusiasts. We hope his offerings will fill some voids in your collection.

Check out Pop's Attic Memories and send me your comments, be they positive, negative, or suggestions for improving it.

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